Moments that Matter | A boy and a kite

One gorgeous afternoon, only a few hours but a lifelong memory made. We took the kids over to Little Bay late one afternoon for a swim. It was a bit windy to make the swim pleasant however Harry had just received his first kite the week before in a secret santa present so we thought to bring it along. Never has he been so excited. He watched in awe as that simple kite flew high, dip and twist in the wind and then crash on the sand. He loved it so much it almost seemed as if it was riding it rather than flying it. Hamish and I will always remember that afternoon with our babes

Europe... with kids! | Moments that Matter

Europe with kids... what were we thinking! It was definitely not the most child friendly holiday I could think of but that didn't stop us.  We had an amazing time traveling through Germany, Switzerland and Italy with out 3 and 5 year olds.  Yes the lines for some amazing cultural experiences were often too long to wait in for the 3 year old who needs a toilet every 5 minutes and yes occasionally when we did get to some amazing piece of history the care factor for the kids really wasn't at an appropriate level however we definitely made the most of our time there with things they did appreciate.  We focused our holiday a lot on the outdoors and admiring the natural beauty of places rather than their museums and statues.  We gave our babes a trip to remember with lots of facts and stories and wonder.  We hope we are instilling in them an understanding and a want for knowledge about all of the other places in the world and how they differ from us.  We hope to leave them wanting to experience other ways of life and a greater understanding for our environment as well as other people and their traditions and cultures.

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