Moments that Matter | A boy and a kite

One gorgeous afternoon, only a few hours but a lifelong memory made. We took the kids over to Little Bay late one afternoon for a swim. It was a bit windy to make the swim pleasant however Harry had just received his first kite the week before in a secret santa present so we thought to bring it along. Never has he been so excited. He watched in awe as that simple kite flew high, dip and twist in the wind and then crash on the sand. He loved it so much it almost seemed as if it was riding it rather than flying it. Hamish and I will always remember that afternoon with our babes

Moments That Matter | A trip down memory lane

So it's that tme of year where we can't believe how quickly the year has passed and try to remember all that took place during the last 12 months.  As a mumma I feel I am so much more aware of the time passing as these little people I love get taller, gain more skills and talk so much more that even the week before.  I try to stop and watch them and take it all in, willing my brain the imprint these moments, the sounds of their voices, the way they say something... I even convince myself I will remember but unfortunately I know I have already forgotten more than I believed I would or even could.  I am so glad I have these images to help me remember.  I hope the memories come back to me just as quickly as more years pass.

These were some of the days I remember this year, all for various reasons. Some are memorable because of what we were doing, some for the feeling they left me with.  This is my family, my family is me.

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