A Garden Party | Moments that Matter

She is 4.  My first born, my baby girl, my little love.  The fact that she is now 4 blows my mind.  The years have rushed by and left a stream of fuzzy memories with an aura of happiness, colour and lots of love.  I wish I remembered every tiny detail, but I don't.  I wish at times I was a better mum, but I wasn't.  I did my best every day of the last 4 years to give this little human everything she needs to feel loved and content and to succeed.  

I haven't got it right every day, but I have tried.  I can't change the days I was irritable or yelled nor can I promise they won't happen again.  But, my little love, I promise you in front of the whole wide world that I will continue to try my best every day to be the best mummy for you for the rest of my life.

This was Evie's first little party with her friends from daycare.  She has such a cute little gaggle of girls and I wanted to create a magical space for them.  I had so much fun in the organising and in truth I am a little sad it is all over :)  She helped me for a weeks, shopping for bits and pieces, making flower crowns for all the girls, planning our food and making the tent.  It was fun to have this common task that we could work on together.  She got up early with me on the day of the party and I took her to the flower market for the first time.  She loved it of course, how could you not! And while she was at ballet I made our plans come to life (running like a woman crazed!) so she arrived to find me icing her cake in the middle of the park surrounded by all the prettiness she could imagine!  

She and her friends had a wonderful time and I am so happy to share some images from her special day with you this month for Moments that Matter.  Make sure you head over and check out what matters most to Yana Klein this month