Moments that Matter | Just a feeling...

With the beautifully warm winter days we have been having my daughter and I took time to play and feast outside in the sunshine whilst her little brother was napping.  It is always a moment to cherish when you get to spend quality time with just one of your babies.  You have more time, attention and patience to give to them, that is after you put up the most frustrating teepee of all time (seriously, an hour and a half!!).

We cuddled, played princesses waiting for their true loves kiss, danced and ate.  It was bliss and a simple few hours I will always remember with my three year old darling.

When I look back on these photos it isn't only the warmth in the air that makes it feel like spring, it is her. She is full of life and possibility, everything is beautiful and an adventure to her. In her own domain she is full of love and confidence and bossiness and a sense of calm. This is the side of her I love the best.

I would love it if you could follow the blog circle I have going with some awesome photographers and check out the moments that matter to Marlene.

P.S Photo credit to the Indian Princess for the photo of me :)