A Letter to Evie

To my dearest darling girl

Five and a half years ago your daddy and I welcomed you into this big wide world. You gave me the greatest gift and made me a mummy. My whole world changed at that very moment, some changes obvious and other subtle. I became a better person for you and I thank you everyday for sparking that change and showing me the best version of myself.

Now after what feels like a blink of an eye you will be skipping off to your first day at school. You are just so excited and filled with much anticipation, I hope with all my heart you love it as much as you want to. I hope you make good friends and enjoy learning as I did at school. You are just so social and happy it makes my heart sing with pride to watch you. You have grown into a beautiful caring smart little girl and your Daddy and I couldn’t be prouder of you.

I want many things for you in this world my love but if I can instil anything in you it is that I believe happiness is the key to a wonderful life. I hope you always feel full and satisfied with your life like I do with mine. I want you to feel the love around you, confident and knowing that you are cared for, safe and adored. Jobs, possessions, money and people will come and go throughout your life but if you surround yourself with people that truely love you, and be confident in that love, you will always find happiness and satisfaction in your life.

I can confidently say at this age, today, this year and those past, you are a truely happy little girl. You are curious and sensitive, caring and kind, loving and stubborn, smart and sassy, strong and generous. You are a beautiful child and I am sure that you will excel at whatever you put your mind to. You can be unsure of yourself and I wish with all my heart to help you feel confident in yourself and your own decisions. You can do anything. You are A M A Z I N G.

You are pieces of me and pieces of Daddy all wrapped up in your own personality. There will be things throughout your life I won’t understand or be able to help you with but I will always be here by your side to hold your hand and talk it through.

On Monday when we take you to your first day at school I will cry. But they will be tears of excitement for you and sadness for me knowing I am saying goodbye to your babyhood and hello to your childhood. I have loved every moment of your baby years and all the time we have had together. I am sad because from this point forward you become more independent and other people become important in your life. I am selfish like that, I don’t want to share you and all your wonderful thoughts. I want to keep you forever my little girl but at the same time I am filled with satisfaction and pride in watching you grow and share your wonders with the world.

Love hard, Laugh daily. Tell those you love that they are important to you. Never go to bed angry, always talk it out. Pick your battles, not every fight is one worth having. Your opinion matters but you don’t always need to give it. Be kind to everyone always, being mean is beneath you. Forgive and forget and move forward. Regrets are a waste of time. Live life in the moment and move forward with each decision you make confident in knowing it was the right one for that moment. Trust yourself.

I love you forever and always my darling girl

Love your sentimental Mummy.